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To Your Grave I Spoke [Standalone, drabble]

Title: To Your Grave I Spoke
Author: my_0wn_madness
Beta: fuzzyniffler
Rating: PG [Language]
Characters: Pallis with reminiscing of Adakias and (very, very briefly) Anhura
POV: 3rd; Pallis centric
Summary: "There wasn't a moment when the memory of his brother wasn't at his side, weighing down on his soul and his thoughts and he just wanted to reach out and touch the ghost's hand, clasp it in his own, cold grasp and maybe then he'd feel like everything would be okay."
Disclaimer: Razia's Shadow is not mine in any way, shape or form. The title belongs to Broken Iris's 'A New Hope'.
Author's Notes: Here's a depressing, drabbley standalone that's heavily heavily inspired by Broken Iris's 'A New Hope'. I actually have this really cool picture in my head to go with this idea, so I started drawing that first, but that quickly failed, so I turned to words instead. Maybe I'll try again on the drawing later. Anyway, as you will quickly realize if you read this, this takes place after Adakias' death. A good few years after, I think. So... yeah :) Enjoy, though, like I said, it's rather depressing.

To Your Grave I Spoke
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fic: our fears are different here [s/a]

I'm not even going to lie, I'm absolutely terrified about posting this. I've been agonizing over this series since January the beginning of time, and I finally decided that if I don't at least post something I'll never finish here's...something, at least.

Title: Our fears are different here
Fandom: Razia's Shadow
Pairings/Characters: Adakias/Anhura, Pallis
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,018
Disclaimer: I don't own Razia's Shadow. Title from "Modern Age" by The Strokes.
Warnings: Blood, violence.

This is an Adakias!lives AU. I thought about what would have happened if he'd tried to sacrifice himself, but survived. This is the first part of a series that chronicles what I view as an imperfect reunion of the two halves of the world.

The story takes place just a few months after the end of the musical. Let me know if I should bother continuing.

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Pallis is starting to wonder, why, exactly, their father thought it would be a good idea to send both princes on this particular mission. Adakias isn’t a soldier, and Pallis has never exactly excelled in communication skills (he is, however, particularly good at nearly killing his brother).

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four drabbles

Characters: Ahrima, Nidria, Anhura, Adakias, Pallis, and Barayas
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 each (400 total)
Disclaimer: I don't own Razia's Shadow.
A/N: Okay, so I'm working on this long, drawn out alternate ending fic. Seriously, that story has been killing me, but as I was working on it tonight these drabbles happened. Basically these are four in-between moments -- a quiet moment between Ahrima and Nidria, Anhura (before she and Adakias meet), Adakias crossing Holy the Sea to get to the City of Light, and the beginning of Pallis's downfall. I hope you enjoy -- I'm really anxious about writing for this fandom.

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Title: Doctor Dumaya, MD, PhD, FTW
Author: illimerence
Pairing: Dumaya/Anhura (one-sided, obv)
Summary: A day in the life of the good (-ish) doctor.
Disclaimer: Thomas Dutton, FTW. Me, WTF.
Author Notes: I bring newbie (me) (seriously, so late to the party) and fic (the link) and also apparently the first post of the new year. The internet is full of people calling Dumaya a pervert and I am not pleased! He's not a perv, he's just lonely.

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Um. Hi. This is my first time posting here, and I come with fanfiction! Haha...

Title: Hate
Author: fuzzyniffler
Beta: my_0wn_madness
Rating: PG(-13?)
Pairing: Uhh... PallisxAnhura. Kind of?
POV: 3rd; Anhura's
Summary: My take on how they might end up feeling about each other after the dark and light merged.
Disclaimer: Definitely sure I didn't think of these bomb characters. Just sayin.
Author Notes: Thought of right before leaving for my Ethics class so I only halfway payed attention as I wrote this instead. Also here is Part DUEX of this, entitled Miserable, in Pallis' point of view. It's written by the lovely my_0wn_madness and I highly recommend it :)

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