Are you watching? (fuzzyniffler) wrote in razias_oracle,
Are you watching?

Um. Hi. This is my first time posting here, and I come with fanfiction! Haha...

Title: Hate
Author: fuzzyniffler
Beta: my_0wn_madness
Rating: PG(-13?)
Pairing: Uhh... PallisxAnhura. Kind of?
POV: 3rd; Anhura's
Summary: My take on how they might end up feeling about each other after the dark and light merged.
Disclaimer: Definitely sure I didn't think of these bomb characters. Just sayin.
Author Notes: Thought of right before leaving for my Ethics class so I only halfway payed attention as I wrote this instead. Also here is Part DUEX of this, entitled Miserable, in Pallis' point of view. It's written by the lovely my_0wn_madness and I highly recommend it :)

(Follow the fake cut to the story! :D)
Tags: fanfiction

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