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art post

Title: Razia Characters
Artist: persica_parfume 
Rating: G
Artist Notes: Oh dear, I suppose I should warn you all that these designs were made while staring at the album art, and then purposefully ignoring most of it.  

 I did warn you.

I assure you, they're all Razia's Shadow characters.

Half of the changes were made with lengthy explanations and theories ready, and the other half were because it looks neat.
 My favorite characters are Ahrima and Nidria. Oh gosh I love them.  
Addy and Anny were being difficult so they were left uncolored. Serves them right.
And if your really curious, ask me about the changes made and I will probably give you a huge paragraph explanation of How I See It and then maybe you can tell me your views and we can have a debate! :D Or not.
Tags: fan art

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