Anybody feel like audiencing 51k (so far) of Anhura/Pallis futurefic? I need a fresh pair of eyes before I add any more to this monster.

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The Audition Touring With Cobra Starship

Okay so I dunno how many of you out there are Cobra Starship fans. But thanks to K9_Time_Puppy I'm a rather huge fan of theirs now, and so about two weeks ago I ordered my tickets to see them live.
This was when the lineup still included the Plasticines. Well since then they wound up dropping out and then the hunt was on to quickly find a replacement band.
Gabe Saporta posted on his blog and kids voted for who they wanted to see. The winner? 'The Audition'
If you are like me and are thinking now 'That band name sounds familr' or something like that well...
That's the band Danny Stevens is in.
I'm still placing all of the other actors in Razia's Shadow who aren't on Fueled by Ramen so it took me about ten minutes to figure out why I recognized that name so well.
But yeah he'll be at the show and I'm planning to take my RAzia's Shadow CD to get it autographed. Which will then be my first signature for the Razia's Shadow CD book.
Just thought I'd mention that in case anyone was interested.
Tickets are twenty bucks a pop and a good portion of the venues are already sold out. So if your interested in going I suggest you get your tickets now.
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Razia's Shadow - Nidria - float away

From Thomas's blog - Videos of a Razia's stage production

First videos from a Razia’s Shadow stage performance!

I don't know who or what school put this on, but my dad came across them on YouTube. I am so impressed! Most people don't realize how hard these songs are to sing (especially when you're all alone on stage with just the music). Watching these gave me goosebumps! To see someone else put this on, in their best capacity, and sing their hearts out to the songs, is a very cool feeling. Adakias' protrayer has a great voice; you guys should be very proud. I hope to see more videos soon!

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If anyone here knows whose stage production this is from, tell them to go leave a comment for Thomas on his blog. I'm sure he'd love to hear from them! And great job!!
Eeyore - classic with green leaves

Please go vote for David's photos!

Our friend David Kalani Larkins, whom I've mentioned here numerous times (bass player on the first Razia's tour, cinematographer and co-star of the Life Is Looking Up video, and extremely talented photographer), has some photos entered in a contest with Surface Magazine. Two of the photos are from the shoot he did of Thomas. Please go take a look at his photos and give him a 5 star vote!

David's photos


P.S. - Pass this on to anyone you think might be interested!
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New Fan & a Question

Hello all,

I recently started listening to this album and fell in love with it. I posted more of my thoughts about it in my journal. Currently, I am left with one question and I thought you might be able to help out. I might be missing something really obvious, but why is it called Razia's Shadow? I haven't had a chance to sit down and read the lyrics, but I didn't think there was a character named Razia. Is it an allusion to something else? It's been driving me crazy!
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Razia's Shadow - Nidria - float away

I fail at concert write-ups... but not at talking to Thomas!

I've seen Razia's Shadow performed in its entirety three times now, and I haven't told you all about any of them. Let's call me fail!mod, shall we? haha

I saw the following shows:
April 5th - Bamboozle Left, Irvine, CA
May 31st - Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA
June 2nd - The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA

All were great shows in their own way. Even Bamboozle Left, which was really an epic fail in many ways, but it was still exciting to be there. The Knitting Factory show stands out in my mind as the best one, though the Boardwalk show was amazing too - just a smaller, slightly less enthusiastic audience.

I still don't have an accurate list of who was at Bamboozle Left and who sang what part (if you do, please share!!), but here are the members of the touring band for the actual Razia's Shadow: The Tour -

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I'll get pictures and video up eventually, but the main thing I want to share with you all is the conversation I had with Thomas after the Orangevale show. We talked a little more about the inspiration behind specific parts of the story and what's next for him.

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Well, that's all I can remember. Feel free to bug me about getting my videos and photos up - I got some great stuff, but I'm a horrible procrastinator.

Jen aka fail!mod ;-P
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Los Angeles Show!

Here are some pictures from the show in LA on the 31st!
I didn't get that many because....
Yep. It was tragic.

And on that note...
I asked someone to take a picture of me and Thomas and email it to me and I'm really scared she lost my email.
So if you see was me! And if you know anyone else who was there please let me know! Thanks guys.
The show was really great and Thomas did a really great job (of course he did).
I gave him the book with letters from fans and he liked it a lot. Thanks to everyone who contributed! (:
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The Spider and the Lamps VS The Lord of the Dance

So back at Easter I think it was, and last week when I was at a funeral they sang this old celtic tune called 'The Lord of the Dance' I was talking to K9_Time_Puppy about it and there is one line in The Lord of the Dance that every time without fail makes me think of Raizia's, and more to the point 'The Spider and the Lamps'
In the song 'The Lord of the Dance' the line is 'It's hard to dance with a devil on your back' remind you of a certain line in Spider?
Yeah so I just wanted to share that with you all. Listen to the song if you can find it, it's very pretty :D
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